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Stage DFG TFG 316s 320s

Hydrostatic forklift truck 1.6 - 2.0t

  • 2,900 - 7,500 mm
  • 1,600 - 2,000 kg
  • hydrostaticDRIVE for maximum performance and efficiency
  • High drive dynamics due to continuous power transmission
  • Highly sensitive braking
  • Optimum visibility thanks to compact mast design
  • Ergonomic workstation for flexible operating concept

DFG/ TFG 316s/ 320s

The dynamic and robust 3s series forklifts with hydrostaticDRIVE go through thick and thin with you: Whether rapid changes of direction, dynamic acceleration, rapid reversing or precise manoeuvring – the modern drive technology guarantees maximum driving comfort and highest throughput. Especially in reverse operations when loading and unloading trucks, they outmanoeuvre the competition. Worldwide tried-and-tested motors from the automotive industry allow precise work with optimum performance thanks to their electronic control. Another advantage is their low CO2 output. A regulated 3-way catalytic converter for LPG trucks and a soot filter systems for diesel trucks are optionally available. Sensitive brakes and a roof made of safety glass provide a high level of safety. Five selectable operating programmes and a workstation that satisfies ergonomic and personal demands make working with these reliable forklift trucks extremely easy and convenient.


Model Overview

Load Capacity
Lift (h3)
DFG 316s1600 kg7500 mm19,5 km/h3464 mm
TFG 316s1600 kg7500 mm19,5 km/h3464 mm
DFG 320s2000 kg7500 mm19,5 km/h 3491 mm
TFG 320s2000 kg7500 mm19,5 km/h3491 mm

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