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New forklifts

A forklift that raises your intralogistics to a new level.

With individually configured new trucks from Jungheinrich, you can breathe new life into your goods and material flow – with the highest levels of efficiency, power, safety and sustainability. Everything is tailored to your own specific needs.

High-quality forklift trucks are an essential component of any future-proof intralogistics solution. Wherever your horizontal goods transport may take place – be it in your warehouse or production facilities – you can benefit from our knowledge and experience as a manufacturer and technology partner. Do you require a solution for your lifting, stacking, towing or order picking needs? Do you prefer electric, diesel or LPG trucks? Or perhaps a pallet truck is the ideal product for you? We will work with you to identify the perfect technology for your requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of sophisticated, cutting-edge products. It comprises all types of pallet trucks, forklift truck, order pickers, reach trucks, tow tractors, tow train trailers and shuttle vehicles. With a wide range of drive and engine options, we can always find the perfect solution for your intralogistics needs.

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