Stage ETX 513_515

รถยกไฟฟ้าที่นั่งตามขวาง รถยกซ้อนระบบไฟฟ้าแบบสามทาง

  • 3000 - 13000 mm
  • 1200 - 1500 kg
  • Up to 2 shifts without battery exchange
  • RFID technology
  • Redundant height and weight checks
  • Logistics Interface
  • Expandable to automatic operation – ideal for 3-shift operation
  • Modular design and special build solutions ex-works

ETX 513/ 515

The ETX 513/515 high rack stackers offer maximum performance in the 'high end area' of a narrow aisle warehouse. They set new benchmarks when it comes to flexibility, efficiency and ergonomics.

Flexibility through modular construction: The Jungheinrich modular system has more than 5 million possible configurations providing flexibility from the outset. The advantage: Optimum adaptation to any warehouse and logistics strategy. An intelligent truck management system with TÜV certified control and CAN-Bus system, means the performance range is adaptable to any requirements and offers a range of additional safety features.

Excellent performance and energy efficiency lead to fast throughput and high cost-effectiveness. This is precisely what is offered by our 3-phase AC technology with higher performance data and greater dynamics, matched by improved energy utilisation. The advantage: Fully usable throughout two shifts in normal operation without battery change. Accessing all these applications is child's play for the ETX operator:

  • Informative colour display. Important operating data is easily and legibly laid out.
  • All parameters and programs can be set individually.
  • Softkeys to control functions and menus.
  • Camera/monitor system for effective stacking and retrieval of pallets at great lift heights.
  • Hydraulic control by thumb movement.
  • Automotive style pedal arrangement for control and braking.
  • Side-seated position for fatigue-free operation.



รุ่น ความสามารถการรับน้ำหนักบรรทุกสูงสุด การยกสูงสุด (h3) ความเร็วในการขับขี่
ETX 5131250 กก.13000 มม.10.5 กม./ชม.3492 มม.80 โวลต์
ETX 5151500 กก.13000 มม.10.5 กม./ชม.3780 มม.80 โวลต์