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Stage EZS 7280

Tow tractor 28.0t

  • 28000 - 28000 kg
  • Maximum performance when moving on ramps
  • Ergonomic workstation
  • Small turning radius
  • Optimum corrosion protection
  • High energy efficiency

EZS 7280

The EZS 7280 sit-on tow tractor is ideal for transporting heavy loads across the airport apron or the premises of industrial companies. With its maximum pulling performance of 28 t, combined with the strong torque and good braking, it transports loads easily and safely. Its particular strength is the transport of heavy loads on ramps. Stopping and starting on the ramp is always problem free thanks to the automatic parking brake and hill start assistant.

Thanks to the compact dimensions and the large steering lock of the front wheels, even the narrowest spaces on the site can safely be mastered. The 2x10 kW individually controlled drive motors are not only key for drive capacity, they also support the manoeuvrability of the truck, especially at low speeds.

The tow tractor is particularly robust for frequent outdoor use. The cathodic-dip coating of the base frame also protects the truck against the most adverse weather conditions.

Various driver cabs are available for the operator in such situations, with optional folding or sliding door, maximising protection throughout the working day.

An automotive-style pedal configuration and an adjustable steering wheel position enable every operator to move the EZS 7280 safely within a very short time.

Batteries with a maximum capacity of up to 930 Ah deliver sufficient energy for all tasks. Thanks to its rapid and boost charging capability, the need for a battery replacement can be completely avoided with a 500 Ah lithium-ion battery.


With Jungheinrich li-ion technology, you will easily leave your competition behind: Maximum performance at up to 20 % less energy consumption. Three times longer service life. Extremely short charging times. Zero maintenance. Reduce your fleet’s TCO with significantly lower operating costs. 


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