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Stage ETV 216i

Reach truck 1.6t

  • 4550 - 10700 mm
  • 1600 - 1600 kg
  • Embedded lithium-ion battery
  • Adjustable operator position
  • Excellent visibility
  • Maximum throughput
  • High residual capacity

ETV 216i

The ETV 216i reach truck is the ideal partner for the effective and safe stacking, retrieval and provision of pallets for order picking. Its rapid and boost charge features facilitate flexible usage even in multi-shift operation with lift heights of up to 10,700 mm.

The integrated Li-ion battery, which has been completely redesigned along with the truck, is extremely compact.

This provides completely new free space for the user. For example, the unrestricted footwell and the armrest, which is adjustable in two directions, help to ensure fatigue-free work for operators of all sizes.

The compact battery means that visibility in the fork direction is not limited. The load and the support arms are always clearly visible.

In addition, the high dielectric strength of the battery allows for improved performance of the hydraulic pump, even when the battery level is low. Maintenance-free operation and long service life reduce costs.

Fast lifting and reaching means that significantly more pallets per hour can be processed in comparison with conventional trucks.

The workstation also has numerous advantages: The operator position not only has optimum all-round visibility, but also easy to access controls and accessory parts. The ETV 216i also has storage options for papers, work materials and drinks bottles.


With Jungheinrich li-ion technology, you will easily leave your competition behind: Maximum performance at up to 20 % less energy consumption. Three times longer service life. Extremely short charging times. Zero maintenance. Reduce your fleet’s TCO with significantly lower operating costs. 



Model Overview

Load Capacity
Lift (h3)
ETV 216i1600 kg10700 mm14 km/h2419 mm51.2 V

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