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Automatic pallet high bay warehouse

Cost-effective, holistic solution for Sauer GmbH & Co.KG

Sauer GmbH & Co.KG – formerly the market leader in the domestic toy industry - now develops and produces, amongst other things, bottles and containers for the cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Technical parts such as infant car seats also belong to their portfolio.

Seamless process

A pleasing starting point for investment in the intralogistics system was the positive part played by the operator and corresponding expansion of the required equipment. Our proposals for implementing an automatic pallet high bay warehouse were as follows: Increase throughput with fast access times, low error rates, and high utilisation of space.

New warehouse concept with automatic rack operating equipment

The new warehouse concept is based on a fully automatic high bay warehouse with automatic rack operating equipment, material-handling peripheral equipment, and connection to our WMS. The automatic racking equipment, designed for double-deep stacking and retrieval operations, enable processing to be carried out in a very cost-effective manner. This is important in order to supply the three-aisle automatic turret warehouse with over 25,500 storage locations in eleven rack levels. In addition, we also delivered all the conveyor technology including the centring station, pallet doubler, and pallet labeller. The three items of automatic racking equipment, including telescopic forks, are from our subsidiary MIAS.

Short construction time and high system availability

“The benefits mainly lie in the high throughput that is achieved by the rack operating equipment and their pallet telescopic forks.”, established Nobert Manger, who was responsible for construction of the intralogistics site as project manager. The short construction time of well below one year, excellent value for money, high levels of system availability and being intuitive and easy to use, were all welcome features.

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