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Mobile racking saves time and space for Q-FAC.

Q-FAC confidently supplying the chemical and pharma industry.

Q-FAC, a large Chemical and Pharma industry supplier with a production capacity of 9,900 tonnes a year, wanted a storage solution that was high in safety and big on space. Jungheinrich’s racking system and explosion-proof trucks provided dependable and safe operations while also increasing storage.


  • Maximum storage capacity needed at warehouse.
  • Explosive inventory demanded explosion-proof vehicles.
  • Storage of dangerous chemicals required safe and hygienic operations.
  • Storage systems needed to be installed while warehouse floor still under construction.


  • Mobile racking storage systems installed.
  • Explosion-proof ETV reach trucks delivered.
  • Installation of racking units completed on time and to all site requirements.


  • Mobile racking eliminates multiple aisles, increasing storage capacity by up to 90%.
  • Explosion-proof vehicles are customised to individual requirements and therefore ensure safe operations.
  • Greater throughput thanks to shorter travel distances.

Q-FAC Co. Ltd.  in a nutshell:

Ratree Yensuk
Warehouse Supervisor

"Jungheinrich's mobile racking system will help us improve operation,  time saving and efficiency."

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