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Dutch Mill goes green and reaps the benefits.

Li-ion technology saves on energy and costs at Thailand production plant.

When Dutch Mill needed to upgrade its Thailand production fleet, a reliable, high-quality supplier was paramount. Jungheinrich’s cutting edge lithium-ion powered fleet with efficient, long-lasting high-performance and requiring zero maintenance was the obvious safe and cost-effective solution.


  • 24-hour operations needed a 24-hour transport solution.
  • Safety concerns around current fleet called for an upgrade.
  • Newer, cleaner and more efficient battery technology wanted.
  • Reassurance of fleet’s reliability and efficiency wanted before installation.


  • Simulation of customer operations delivered.
  • Six new EFG 320 trucks delivered, powered by li-ion technology.
  • Energy needs assessed through consultation with customer.
  • Convenient charging technology installed.


  • Around-the-clock operation assured thanks to Jungheinrich high-quality solutions.
  • No need to change batteries: increased productivity and reduced safety risks.
  • Elimination of space and time previously allocated to lead acid battery changing and maintenance.
  • Fast charging times for li-ion batteries allow longer operational times for fleet.

Dutch Mill Co. Ltd. in a nutshell:

Suphot Chalermsirikul
Procurement Specialist

"New lithium ion batteries provide the right solution for safety, green energy, and also energy saving."

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