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Used diesel forklifts

Offers only for industry, trade, craft and commerce.

You would like to buy an used diesel forklift? In our used forklift search you will find used forklifts that have been completely refurbished industrially and are therefore technically and optically in top condition. To ensure this, all our used diesel forklifts are refurbished in our own used equipment centre in accordance with our 5-star principle and the highest safety and sustainability standards.

Used diesel forklifts - save costs & carbon dioxide

By buying an used diesel forklift from Jungheinrich, you receive an economical alternative to buying a new diesel forklift without having to forego quality and warranty. Furthermore, with our JUNGSTARS you not only save costs, but also carbon dioxide, as the components are processed in a resource-saving manner and therefore do not have to be produced anew. Compared to new production, an used diesel truck from Jungheinrich saves up to 80 percent CO2.

You can find further used trucks or used forklifts in our general used forklift search. Alternatively, you will find here new diesel trucks with state-of-the-art technology for even more efficiency and safety for your warehouse.

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