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Stage Trolley für GTE und GTP

Trolley for large load carriers (LLC) 0.6 - 1.6t

  • 600 - 1,600 kg
  • Trolley for large load carriers (LLC)
  • Suitable for all Jungheinrich trailers
  • Available in several sizes and load capacities

Trolley for GTE and GTP

Trolleys are used to transport large load carriers (LLC) in a tow train, such as pallets or mesh boxes. In order to be able to handle the large load carriers at the destination without the use of additional equipment, it is possible to move the LLC manually with the trolleys. The trolleys are perfectly matched to the Jungheinrich GTE and GTP trailers.

The LLCs are placed on the trolleys, pushed into the trailers and mechanically locked. During travel, the trolleys are raised by the trailers, so that they do not run on their own wheels. This principle has the following advantages:

  • Low roll resistance: The wheels of the trolleys have optimised roll resistance due to the ball bearings and hard tread. When pushed manually only low forces are required.
  • Quiet operation: During travel, hard rollers are too loud and wear too quickly. When raised in the trailers, the trolley wheels are not under load. The trailer wheels are designed for driving, so they are quiet and low-wear.
  • Precise lane guidance: The frame of the trailer allows for much more precise lane guidance. In contrast, trolleys with four steering rollers have no lane guidance.
  • Easy to use: Thanks to their lifting platform, the GTE trailers also allow for the easy insertion and removal of the trolleys.

The Jungheinrich trolleys are therefore the ideal addition to the GTE and GTP tow train trailers.


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