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Stage AMW 22_22p

Hand pallet truck 2.2t

  • 122 mm
  • 2,200 kg
  • 4 evenly positioned weighing cells provide the technology for accurate weighing of materials
  • Variations for almost every weighing application
  • Left and right-hand controls

AMW 22/ 22p

The AMW 22 and AMW 22p hand pallet trucks are mobile weighing systems for warehouse, production and shipping applications. Wherever goods need to be weighed and transported, their ability to take the “scales to the goods” makes these trucks the perfect solution.

For example, the basic AMW 22 model provides an efficient and accurate weighing device suitable for any application with the 4 weighing cells technology. 1 kg incremental display and max. 0.1% deviation from the measuring range are the ideal solution for many applications.

The AMW 22p is even more professional. A wide range of functions make this weighing pallet truck ideally suited to any application. A convenient multi-range display, maximum precision (at least 99.9% of the weighed load), the wide range of possible options and the well designed battery exchange module make the AMW 22p a top-class truck.


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