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Stage EKM 202 (2018)

Small parts order picker 0,2t

  • 3,000 mm
  • 215 kg
  • Order picking at reach heights of up to 5.3 m
  • Automatic closing doors
  • Adjustable storage tray
  • Extremely agile
  • Robust steel frame

EKM 202

The EKM 202 small parts order picker is ideal for multiple applications. The EKM is an efficient and safe alternative to conventional ladders, particularly for retail outlets, light maintenance applications or picking tasks without a pallet. The maximum travel speed of 8 km/h allows you to reach the next picking location quickly. The stable mast facilitates reach heights of up to 5.30 m, so items can be removed from the racking up to the third rack level, price tags exchanged or ceiling lamps effortlessly replaced.

Even at great heights, the operator is always safe thanks to the automatic closing doors. It is not possible to lift without doors being closed. With the optional lock, the doors are automatically locked when the platform is raised. Only once the platform has been completely lowered, can the doors be opened again. The warning zone lights (optional) offer additional safety, especially when used with public traffic.

The large workstation with ergonomically configured controls allows for simultaneous lifting and driving for direct control of items on the racking. The operator can securely place the items on the storage tray and then proceed directly to the next item. If several items are to be picked at once, the storage tray can be adjusted in height to ensure there is always good visibility in the direction of travel.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, versatility and improved occupational safety, the EKM offers more protection as well as relieving the strain on employees and significantly increasing productivity.


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