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Analysis – Planning – Optimisation

We identify potential and then develop solution strategies for your supply chain

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Basic characteristics

  • Planning
  • Optimisation
  • Analysis

Based on a detailed data study of your warehouse processes and the on-site truck fleet, the Jungheinrich materials flow consulting identifies and analyses possible improvement potential. This service is completed by a customer and warehouse-specific concept with suggestions for optimising operating performance.

Advantages in overview

  • Reducing energy costs
  • Process and flow optimisation
  • Improving order picking performance
  • Increasing the efficiency of fork lift truck fleets
  • Increasing warehouse capacity

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Advantages in detail

Reducing energy costs

Are you using the most energy-efficient trucks? We can compare the efficiency of the trucks you are using with that of truck models currently available from Jungheinrich. This will enable you to save money and help to protect the environment.

Increasing the efficiency of fork lift truck fleets

We analyse the structure and productivity of your fork lift truck fleet, based on actual data. The result of the examination creates transparency regarding the tasks to be fulfilled, the functions as well as the quantity and equipment on the trucks currently in use. If possible, standardised fork lift truck concepts are used. The result is efficient trucks tailored to your individual needs.

Process and flow optimisation

In addition to warehouse equipment, material flows also play a key role in efficient warehousing. Only when materials and goods can be optimally transported from source to target destination, is a cost-efficient and smooth flow possible. Within the scope of the Jungheinrich materials flow analysis, all warehouse systems, warehouse processes and the accompanying transport are analysed and evaluated. The result will be an optimisation concept tailored to your warehouse and based on our experience.

Increasing warehouse capacity

The space available for storing goods is often limited and therefore costly. We will be happy to advise you on the opportunities open to you for increasing the capacity of your warehouse. To do this, we draw on our many years of experience in the warehouse and automated technology sector, combining this with an understanding of systems and excellent ideas.

Improving order picking performance

Order picking is a highly sensitive warehouse area, which must be designed to be very flexible, yet fault-free and efficient. After assimilating the actual data regarding current performance, we will present options for improving the order picking performance. These will include suitable trucks and the right warehouse technology as well as appropriate warehouse management software and the associated IT equipment.

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