Process optimization

Pinpoint, automatic approach of the destination as well as order picking along the fastest route: We simplify your intralogistic processes using various systems. With each system, we always have the same objective - making the work processes in your warehouse faster, safer and more comfortable.

Do you want shorter journeys, reliable identification and intelligent, voice-controlled order picking? As always, we will take on any task: We have the perfect solution for optimising your processes.

Warehouse navigation - narrow aisles

Increase efficiency by up to 25 per cent and cut out the need for additional search and adjustment runs.


Warehouse navigation - wide

Route guidance and semi automatic lift-height positioning ensure that the journey to your goods is as fast as possible.


Auto-ID Solutions

This ensures that pallet registration works properly, processes are safe and that the highest possible performance is achieved.


Pick-by-voice / Pick-by-light

This keeps your hands and your eyes free, allowing for both swift orientation as well as flexible handling of goods.


Online Services

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