Jungheinrich plans and develops.

With an experienced eye to provide the perfect solution.

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Basic characteristics

  • One-stop warehouse technology and automation expertise

Jungheinrich plans and develops with an experienced eye on all relevant data and based on an analysis of your material and information flow prepared in consultation with you the customer. The objective is to discover untapped potential and to use it to your operational benefit. Of course, this is always done with consideration for future developments in your company.

Advantages in overview

  • Many years of experience
  • Comprehensive planning documents

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Advantages in detail

Many years of experience

We work with you to analyse your material and information flows over the course of several planning and projection phases. With the aid of various instruments (e.g. material flow diagrams, simulations, CAD layouts and system representations), actual and target statuses are made transparent and methods for optimisation revealed.

Comprehensive planning documents

Various solutions have been developed at the end of the planning phases. We work with you to filter out the ideal solution from these – taking into account all economic, spatial and miscellaneous conditions. The result is an agreed and approved requirement specification: The basis for the next phase of the system integration!

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