Company History

This Jungheinrich time line details the early beginnings of the mechanical engineering company in 1953 right through to the huge service corporation that it has become today.

The beginnings (1899 - 1953)

The forerunner of our company was established by Hermann Jungheinrich in 1908 as an import and export firm under the name H. Jungheinrich & Co. In 1953 his eldest son, Friedrich Jungheinrich, laid the cornerstone for the present company by establishing H. Jungheinrich and Co. Maschinenfabrik.

The milestones

1899   On 20 October, our founder, Friedrich Jungheinrich is born in East
            London, South Africa.

1908   On 3 December in Hamburg, Friedrich Jungheinrich's father, Hermann
            Jungheinrich, establishes import and export firm H. Jungheinrich & Co.

1947   Hermann Jungheinrich dies on 9 October. Friedrich Jungheinrich and
            his brother Otto inherit equal shares in the company, which at the
            time had five employees.

   Production of hand trucks and lift trucks starts in Barmbek. On 22
            October Friedrich Jungheinrich registers the brand name Ameise
            (which means ant) at the patent office.

1953   The forerunner of Jungheinrich AG, H. Jungheinrich & Co.
            Maschinenfabrik, is founded on 7 August. The Ameise 55, the first
            battery-powered forklift truck, goes into production. The first domestic
            branch office opens in Mülheim/Ruhr.

The boom years of the German economic miracle (1954 - 1968)

In the 1950s and 1960s Germany and Hamburg enjoy the boom years of the so-called German economic miracle. For our company, export business becomes the major source of revenue. Gradually the first international subsidiaries are established. Jungheinrich lays the groundwork for becoming a global group.

The milestones

1954   Under the name Ameise a new battery-powered forklift model series
            is launched, as are the first lift trucks and tractors with driver

1956   Start of in-house battery-powered motor development and
            production. The first international sales subsidiary is established
            in Austria under the name Hermann F. Jungheinrich Gesellschaft mbh.
            With the reach truck Retrak a new fork lift truck category is

1958   To expand manufacturing capacity the new Hamburg-Wandsbek
            commences starts production. New international subsidiaries are
            established in Italy and Sweden. Under the name Ameise 65 DFG 15
            G we launch the first IC-engine powered stacker in the Nitro series.

1960   Ameise Junior, the first wheel-supported lift truck, featuring tiller
            steering and starter batteries, enables small companies to maximise
            the advantages of pallet storage. Another international subsidiary is
            opened in Switzerland.

1962   We develop Teletrak, the first automatically controlled and inductively
            guided stacker. A new international subsidiary is established in

1963   International subsidiaries open in Netherlands and UK.

Land is bought in Norderstedt. The start of the first construction
            phase of the plant paves the way for the future growth of our

1967   Another international subsidiary opens in Denmark. Jungheinrich
            Unternehmensverwaltung KG (Holding) is formed to manage the 
            international subsidiaries.

1968   Our founder, Dr Friedrich Jungheinrich, passes away at the age of 68
            years on 28 January. He leaves behind a healthy and prosperous
            company. The same year sees the unveiling of the ETX series. This
            high stacking and narrow aisle truck ensures improved exploitation of
            warehouse space.

Generational change and improved competitive edge (1969 - 1989)

After the passing away of our founder, we remain an independent family business owned by the shareholder families Lange and Wolf. In the late 1970s another innovation offensive is launched. At the same time we introduce a new design principle, expand the Norderstedt plant and streamline production.

The milestones

1969   A new international subsidiary is founded in Norway.

1970   A new international subsidiary opens in Spain.

1972   Order picking gains ground in warehouse logistics workflows.
            Jungheinrich develops the necessary specialized equipment.

1974   We launch our rental and used equipment business.

1976   The first driverless transport systems are introduced into production.
            A new international subsidiary is founded in Belgium.

   Market launch of the Delta racking system.

   Our company now employs 4,100 people and boasts sales of DM 533
            million, of which 58 percent is earned abroad.

   The roll out of the ARS automatic shelf stacker system marks the entry
            to the automated stacker market. Unveiling of the first all-wheel-  
            drive, cantilever electric three-wheel lift truck to a world audience as
            an alternative to Jungheinrich’s well-established, rear-wheel drive

   IC-engine powered forklift trucks round off the product range for
            Germany and Austria.

  Paletting/picking systems delivered to automate order-picking
            processes. The new assembly plant in Norderstedt goes on line and
            acts as a central warehouse for production and spare parts. It
            features computer-controlled powder coating and assembly lines for
            industrial trucks.

With the the conversion from job shop to modular flow production
            system we establish a new construction principle and rationalize the
            production in Norderstedt plant.

   With the new Retrak generation Jungheinrich opens new
            opportunities for reach trucks in space-saving storage. For the first
            time revenues surpass DM 1 billion, 5,330 employees on the payroll.

1988   New product sales, rental and used truck business, repair shop and
            service division are brought together under unified management – at
            the headquarters in Germany as well as decentralised in the sales

  A new plant is built in Lüneburg for special build, small series
            production, and customisation.

IPO and restructuring (1990 - 1999)

In the year of German reunification we go public. We respond to the pent-up demand for modern industrial trucks and warehouse equipment in the new German states and the former Eastern Bloc countries. We acquire the Boss Group, including long-standing Steinbock company in Moosburg, Bavaria. Our company undergoes comprehensive restructuring.

The milestones

1990   After merging the domestic companies, the company is transformed to
            a public limited company and floated on the stock exchange on 30

1991   The launch of DIS, the drive-In-system for deep stacking

   New international subsidiaries founded in the Czech Republic and

   In July, in a joint venture with Linde, Jungheinrich sets up an engine
            plant in Moravany/Brunn, Czech Republic.

We take over the British Boss group, including the long-standing 
            Steinbock company in Bavaria. The ComFOUR concept is rolled out to
            offer customers the choice between borrowing, leasing and rental as
            well as the provision of financial services. A new international
            subsidiary opens in Poland. Our operations in Norderstedt, Wandsbek
            and Luneburg are certified to the DIN ISO 9001 quality assurance

   We develop the world's first reach truck with central joystick under
            the name Multi-Pilot.

   Certification of entire Jungheinrich sales operations to ISO DIN 9001.

   Series production of the AC counterbalance EFG-VD 25/30 truck series
            starts. We are the first lift truck manufacturer to offer all diesel and
            LPG trucks with hydrostatic or hydrokinetic drive systems. Two new 
            international subsidiaries are founded in Slovenia and in Slovakia.

   Jungheinrich develops the Retrak® ETV 14, the first reach truck for
            wheelchair drivers. The sales and engineering divisions are separated
            for organisational purposes, and a brand-independent production
            pool is established. The Steinbock company in Moosburg (now
            Jungheinrich Moosburg GmbH) celebrates its 75th anniversary. Wap
            Reinigungssysteme GmbH & Co in Bellenberg is sold. The University of
            St. Gallen awards Jungheinrich the Best Practice in After-sales Service

   On 20 October we celebrate the 100th birthday of our company
            founder Dr Friedrich Jungheinrich. A new international subsidiary is
            formed in Portugal. Our environmental management system is
            certified to ISO DIN 14001. We unveil a completely re-developed hand
            pallet lift truck series to succeed the successful model that boasts
            nearly 2.5 million units sold between 1957-1999.

Globalisation and the end of the multi-brand strategy (2000 - present)

At the turn of the millennium we now offer our products exclusively under the Jungheinrich brand. The Complete Intralogistics Solutions, Financial Services and Full Service divisions are continuously expanded. In parallel we strengthen our sales units and position ourselves on the globalised markets.

The milestones

2000   New international subsidiaries founded in Turkey, Greece, United
            States and Singapore.

2001   The Group approves and implements the new corporate sales
            strategy, focussing on direct sales of the Jungheinrich brand. A new
            spare parts warehouse is set up in southern Germany to centralise
            spare part logistics. A new international subsidiary opens in Ireland.
            In cooperation with Linde, Jungheinrich establishes the ecommerce
            company Supralift.

A new international subsidiary is formed in Brazil. A new spare parts
            logistics centre goes into service in Lahr, near Offenburg.

On 7 August we celebrate our 50th anniversary. New international
            subsidiaries are opened in Russia, Latvia and Lithuania.

New international subsidiaries go into service in Finland and China. A
            joint venture with Ningbo Ruyi (PR China) is formed for sourcing our
            pedestrian pallet trucks.

   The 100,000th truck with AC technology is delivered. We premiere the
            world's first forklift truck with rotating cab.

A new assembly plant is set up in Qingpu district, Shanghai, China.
            The used equipment centre starts to operate in Dresden.

The Germany sales, export sales, Norderstedt plant and spare parts
            logistics Norderstedt divisions are converted into separate
            companies. A new spare part logistics centre goes into service in
            Bratislava (Slovakia). We deliver the 50,000th 48 volt electric forklift.

A new plant for the production of electric pallet trucks starts to
            operate in Landsberg.

A new powder coating system goes online in Norderstedt. The   
            Warehouse Management System (WMS) is added to our portfolio.

   The EJE 112i series truck with lithium-ion technology goes into

2012   The ground-breaking ceremony for a new production plant for
            Jungheinrich Lift Truck Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is held in Qingpu,

   Under the motto “60 Years of Passion for Logistics" we celebrate our
            60th anniversary. A highlight of the anniversary events is the “1st
            Hamburg Intralogistics Summit". The spare parts centre in
            Kaltenkirchen and the new plants in Degernpoint near Moosburg and
            Qingpu (China) start production.

2014   We establish the Jungheinrich Logistiksysteme GmbH and the line of
            business Energy and Drive Systems. Our subsidiary company ISA
            changes its name in Jungheinrich Systemlösungen GmbH. The
            building of the new corporate headquartes starts in Hamburg-

2015   In line with our growth strategy, the strategic key area
           “Logistics Systems” is significantly expanded by acquiring the Munich
           based MIAS Group, a stacker crane expert, and by creating the new
           management board division “Logistics Systems”.
           At the production site in Norderstedt, the new training center with
           an annual capacity of up to 5000 participants commences operation.
           In cooperation with the largest Chinese forklift manufacturer
           Anhui HELI, a new joint venture for the rental of material handling
           equipment is founded, catering for the largest global single market –
           In December 2015, Jungheinrich moves into the new headquarters at its
           traditional company location "Friedrich-Ebert-Damm 129“, which had
           been a production site from 1958 until the 1990s and remained the
           Group headquarters until 2007.
           Direct sales branches in Australia, South Africa, Romania and Chile
           (January 2016) are founded.

2016   Jungheinrich reports record figures for the business year 2015:
            The value of incoming orders increases by 11% to 2.82 billion Euro,
            all-time sales high with 2.75 billion Euro (+10% compared to the
            previous year) and production figures above 90,000 units for the
            first time. In total, more than 14,000 people are in Jungheinrich employ.

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